Tavi to cover couture shows for Pop Magazine

I (digitalista M.) just finished my story for de Volkskrant, a prestigious daily newspaper in Holland, about the influence of all those teeny tiny teenage fashionbloggers like Tavi. The story will be published on the 30th of January and it’s all about the question; why are these kids booming business? Tavi is my big example and I made a whole list of all the things she had done…so far. Because every time you think it can’t become weirder, it gets weirder.

On fashionista.com we saw the following message; According to The Moment’s twitter account, Pop will fly teeny bopper blogger Tavi Gevinson to Paris next week to attend the couture shows, and we assume cover them for tavi.thepop.com.

What the F! Why is that little girl flying all around the world? Maybe it’s fair to give some other cool bloggers (like us for example hahaha) also a free trip to Paris or New York to make a stunning fashionreport. ‘Eerlijk zullen we alles delen’,  the Dutch people will say! Don’t know what it means? Get your dictionary and find out.

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