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Supporting our local hero's: Claes Iversen

Claes Iversen Fashion Show AW10

Back in the days, when I was a little girl, I stayed home alone for the first time and I invited my best friend to come watch a movie. It was Romy’s and Michelle’s High School reunion. The movie was about two girls who wanted to impress their old classmates by telling them that they invented post-it’s. As a 12 year old girl I thought it was a brilliant idea. But nowadays, 11 years later, I think making fashion out of post-it’s is even more brilliant! Especially if Holland’s most talented designer Claes Iversen is giving us his vision on that little piece of yellow paper…

We saw his latest collection Ceci n’est pas un Post-it on the catwalk last summer during Amsterdam International Fashion Week. In less then two weeks, Claes will show his new collection for SS10, but before we fall in love with his new collection (because most time we do), I want to stand still and look back on his AW10 collection with the most genius trenchcoat I ever saw. A yellow one made out of post-it’s. Even as beautiful was the Balmain-istic blazer with bold shoulders covered up with yellow sequins. Can’t wait to see his new creations on the 29th of January. Check

Claes Iversen Fashion Show AW10
Claes Iversen Fashion Show AW10

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  1. Gabriëlle januari 24, 2010

    I love Claes!

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