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Six-packs, a chihuahua and Marvin Gaye…

Printscreen of the Bruce Weber/YSL film featuring the chihuahua!

…are some of the things you’ll see featuring in Bruce Weber’s short film for YSL menswear.

Let’s say we’re used to see naked models in the Bruce Weber editorials, that’s fine, but we see no more than a few YSL suits in the film. And isn’t the film supposed to promote the autum/winter 2010/2011 YSL menswear collection?

Sex sells, also according to Weber who provided parts in the film for Marvin Gaye (in the form of his ‘sensual’ music and a quote) and Bunny Yeager, a known pin-up model in the 50’s, who became a photographer that was responsible for the succes of Betty Page.

Weber would like to see the models making less fuss about posing nude, as he says: ”You know, it’s so crazy these days. All the young rebels I’m  photographing are so afraid to be nude in a picture. They have to go and ask their grandmother- who maybe lives half way round the world- for permission.”

Right…we like the chihuahua though..

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