Natalie's beauty

Natalie Portman for Elle UK by David Slijper

I asked a friend the other day, if she could trade bodies with someone, who would that be? She answered: ” Without a doubt, Natalie Portman. She has this fantastic classic beauty, can’t find anything ugly about the girl.”

She’s kind of right isn’t she? I already loved the pictures of Natalie made by Mario Testino for V magazine, but this is also a very nice one…there’s this subtle grace to it.  Natalie features on the cover of Elle.Uk February Issue, and she also got interviewed by the magazine. Here’s a little quote from Natalie about Red carpet dressing:

“I’m very against people thinking you have to buy new things every season. But I’m lucky because when I have events to go to, I get to borrow incredibly beautiful dresses that have been made by wonderful artists like Laura and Kate Mulleavy from Rodarte and Alber Elbaz from Lanvin. It’s funny, some of my actress friends and I talk about how none of us have the big wedding obsession that other girls our age have, and I think it’s because what girls experience on their wedding day happens a few times a year for us: Any time you go to a premiere, you get your hair and makeup done and everyone is looking at you. So when you’re not working, you want to be comfortable.”

(Source: Elle.UK, more pictures on Fashion Gone Rogue. The February issue is out today)

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