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Kelly Cutrone: If you have to cry, go outside…

Kelly's self-help book

Okay, so I have a confession to make. I have a slight addiction to The Hills and The City. It’s probably a girl thing, I don’t know. However, one of the ‘personalities’ I like in the series for her ‘bluntness’ is Kelly Cutrone. She’ s not afraid to speak her mind, something we’re used to in the Dutch culture, but seems less popular in the American culture.

The MTV reality star and publicist has released a book entitled: If you have to cry, go outside. What would be a very typical thing for her to say. A sort of self-help book about how she built her career (her PR agency Peoples Revolution has three offices in the US, TD), being a single mom, dealing with sexism etc. She wants to reach out to younger women that want to start their own business, to pull out the best of their inner strength.

So if you’re feeling like things are never going to happen for you, think of what Kelly says: It’s not a breakdown, it’s a breakthrough!

“If you have to cry go outside…and other things your mother never told you.” will be released at HarperOne on February 2nd.

Besides the book Cutrone also premieres her own reality show on BRAVO February 1st: Kell on Earth. Not sure if we’ll be able to see it in Holland, but here’s a little peek:


(Source: WWD)

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