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Nice looks from WE

Shopping with a personal style advisor is not only a privilege for the rich & famous in Barney’s New York. Just go to Dutch retail store WE and you can experience how it is to get professional advise during a shopping session. For free! Digitalista M. tried it and was very enthusiastic!

Since a few months, fashion store WE has got a new service named Style Advisor. The people from WE went to London and came back with a lot of information about giving style advise. Now you can book a style advisor for a whole hour and it costs you nothing!

I like shopping a lot, but sometimes I’m getting tired of myself. I’m not a size zero type and finding the right items can be difficult. Most of the time I try on the same kind of clothes because I know they work best for my figure. I hardly try something else…Most of the time it’s to busy in the store and I am not patient enough to search hours and hours for the right clothes and I’m not even talking about a whole wardrobe (bottom, top, shoes and accessories). Yes I agree, I am a lazy shopaholic. Maybe not If I knew what looks best on me, but after trying on 10 different pairs of jeans I give up, and only buy something to cheer me up like a new pair of shoes or some accessories. So when WE asked me If I would like to try their new service, I was very curious…

The only thing you have to do is fill in a form with some information about yourself and your style and they do the rest. First they look at your figure and also if you are a warm or cold type. They know exactly which clothes and colours look best on you and let you try on different outfits, depends on what you need.

I came home with a big bag full of cool clothes! For example a pair of black harem pants and a denim blazer I would never tried on myself. Not because I don’t like the clothes, I like them a lot, but because I didn’t think it would be something for me. And the girls from WE were so patient and nice. They really want to help you. I recommend it to everybody who is looking for their own style or is a little insecure about their wardrobe or figure and okay….to all the lazy shoppers out there; you can go to!

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  • I think personal shoppers are a good way to find new looks that suit your body shape and style.
    Sadly some people are afraid that they will be coerced into spending money, but I have found that there is no pressure.

    Thanks for an interesting post.

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