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Digitalista M.' worst nightmare: I suck at modelling…


Daryl van Wouw Fashion Show


Sometimes I dream about living a life on stage. Once I was a part of the Spice Girls and I also hit the finale of Idols. I know, it’s weird, but in my dreams I always have an amazing voice and I’m not even talking about my dancing skills… Last night, I performed again in my dream. Not on a huge stage like I did with the Spice Girls. No, on a catwalk during Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Together with Digitalista E. and K. I was one of the models at the Daryl van Wouw show. Nice dream, huh?! Nooo! It was my worst nightmare. I suck modelling, aaah!

With Amsterdam Fashion Week close by and a second book about modelling, I went sleeping with fashion in my head, I guess. So suddenly I stood backstage at the Daryl fashion show. With Digitalista E. and K. and a lot of professional models. My partners in crime E. and K. were asked by Daryl. I didn’t, but I guess I slipped through security. I was the last model who hit the catwalk, wearing jogging pants and an oversized sweater. Not flattering at all… I thought I could walk like a real model. Backstage I practiced and my hips moved from the left to the right like a real Victoria’s Secret angel. But once I hit the catwalk, with all the audience and photographers, my knees got weak and I couldn’t move normally anymore. Everybody laughed at me and in my mind it looked like hours and hours before I finally finished my first runway experience. Why o why did nobody stop me? Digitalista K. and E.?? Daryl van Wouw?? And Tyra Banks?? (another weird part of my dream, she was the choreographer of the show).

No, I was the joke of the day and I wished some aliens took me outer space. I’m so happy I never had the dream being a model like a lot of girls have. Because I apparently suck at modelling!!!

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