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Dakota Fanning chats about fitting size zero…

Dakota Fanning on cover V Magazine

Is it Brigitte Bardot? No, it’s Dakota Fanning with a big blond sixties hairdo and oversized sweater! Little girls grow up! Literally…

Dakota is starring on the cover of V magazine (yes, we wrote more about them, we know, but just because their covers have a big must-see potential) like a little lady. Well, not that little if we have to believe miss Fanning herself. Inside, Dakota chats about her role in The Runaways and how she’s finally able to wear a size zero without having to take it in: “Now that I’m getting older, I’m finally getting to the point where I can fit into those things.”

The Runways is a true story about a girl’s evolution from good Valley Girl to bad rock ‘n roll princess. We pretty much like that….

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