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Catch of the day: Eddie Borgo Star cuffs

Eddie Borgo's Star cuffs from his S/S '010 collection

He makes ‘punk-meets-posh’ jewelry according to the New York Times. American jewelry designer Eddie Borgo’s star rises fast. His rock ’n roll upbringing (funny detail: the families pet, a black cat, was named Sabbath…), New York street culture and the ideologie of the Punk movement, is where lies his inspiration.

We love the crystal spikes that pop up on almost every item. Tipically Eddie, he likes employing unexpected and suggestive materials. The result is balancing between ‘in your face’ boldness and simple elegance.

He already collaborated with big names in fashion such as Philip Lim and Marchesa, and recently with another New york talent, Joseph Altuzarra.

His jewelry will be available on My

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