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April: Is real fashion dead?

I work at a PR office that mainly works for fashion clients. You might even say ‘I work in fashion’. And it’s the best job in the world! At least at this moment it is. So how come I always have to defend myself for working in fashion and loving it? Even to my own friends! Last night I spoke to this guy who -amazingly- knew who Tom Ford is. So I thought: Ha! Nice! Someone who will not judge me.

Wrong thought: Tom Ford indeed was a name that he knew, but in fact it was the only name in fashion he had ever heard of. Well oke, that’s not true… he talked about ‘Karel Lagerveld’ as well… Anyone?

Actually these people are the worst. They think they should be offered a job at Condé Nast just for knowing that Vogue is sold in France as well. Anyway, long story short (you will find me using this phrase quit often I’m afraid… I have a habit of not sticking to my story in the fastest way possible) His main point was: there is NO FASHION at this moment! None. Nada. And there hasn’t been since…. indeed… when Tom Ford joined Gucci mid 90’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tom Ford. As I love any designer who left a footprint on our beautiful fashion world. But should someone that hasn’t heard of Balmain, Balenciaga, Rodarte, Carine Roitfeld, Nicola Formichetti (he is the one responsible for many many Lady Gaga looks. LOVE the man!) judge?

But on the other hand: should someone who is able to do some name dropping? And is he right? Hasn’t there been any real pioneering fashion since Tom Ford joined Gucci, Madonna found her Yves Saint Laurent match and Naomi fell from here blue Westwoods? Although I don’t agree, it got me thinking. What will we remember from this period of time let’s say 20 years from now? And here comes Lady Gaga again…she is a good angle to start your thinking process. Check her latest video Bad Romance (if you haven’t done that yet). You can say a lot about Gaga, and if you like her or not, to me this is everything fashion could wish for in 2010!


  1. Marieke januari 4, 2010

    Welcome April!!! Can’t wait to read more of you :-)

  2. digitalistas januari 6, 2010

    Me too, you are sooooo lovely girl, XoXo

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