AIFW Dowtown report: Dennis Diem

Fashionshow Dennis Diem. Photos: PIXINdigital

Is he going to be the new Jean Paul Gaultier? Dennis Diem showed his latest collection at the AIFW DOWNTOWN. It was a parade of beautiful corsets. We must admit..  he’s got it down to a fine art..

Photos: PIXINdigital

When it comes to corsets comfort is not the be-all and end-all. It’s like wearing stiletto’s. You have to be willing to suffer a bit for the sake of constricting yourself in an elegant pose.

Dennis Diem’s newest collection is inspired by Japanese fashion, culture and myths. Only…with a modern twist. That means bustiers combined with feathery pantaloons, straight waist-high skirts and tailored jackets.

Corsets are like skinny jeans, not really comfortable, but as Confucius would say: “The body must follow the shape of a corset,  the corset must not follow the shape of a woman.”

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