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ACNE for your home

Acne sofa

We already like Acne as a fashionbrand, but the Swedish are also very good at making furniture. And this furniture, presented in Paris this weekend, has the same minimalistic and stylish feel as the clothes……Which is exactly the way Acne’s Jonny Johanssen was thinking. Designing a piece of furniture like it was a piece of clothing, and dressing it up in denim!

Johanssen: ”As we do with fashion we played with proportion, lineage and structure – stretching, squashing and pulling the simplistic shape to create new sculptural forms. and why we chose to dress it in indigo? Denim is our heritage and i thought it was super interesting to treat the upholstery in the same way we approach our jeans – by washing bleaching and hand-dying the pieces to create very bespoke finishes. I just love how the fabric changes and grows with time. For me denim is always fashion…”

So no more IKEA, welcome Acne to our homes!

(source: Selectism)


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