Warm up you feet with Slovz!

Slovz: without and with rubber sole

It’s getting colder and colder in our little country, so were are looking for some boots to keep our feet warm. We all know Ugg’s, but as real fashionista’s we look for new stuff of course. Now we found something really new and we don’t’ know yet if we like them. But we like the story so we want to share this new boots with you. May we introduce: Slovz!

Slovz are traditional felt boots and have been Russia’s best kept secret for over 300 years, ensuring the elimination of cold feet. Now we can also benefit from this invention, because Slovz are available in the Netherlands. With of course Russian beauty Victoria Koblenko as spokesperson of the brand.

Slovz are unique, the brand says, and their signature style unchanged and unchallenged for over 300 years. They are extremely comfortable and keep your feet warm at even 40 degrees Celsius below zero. Not that it is that cold in Holland (thank god) but the Russian winters can be very hard, we know!

Some information about the shoe:

Each pair of Slovz is unique. Slovz are handmade in Russia according to a 300-year-old traditional design. 100% pure sheep’s wool is seamlessly pressed into felt, which is used to mould the boots. This is why Slovz are one of a kind and truly personal. You can shorten the boot by cutting off the top of the leg with a pair of scissors. Then simply fold it over. The possibilities are endless. Top quality guaranteed!

There is no difference between the right and left shoe. Just choose which fit feels right and wear your Slovz frequently to break them in. The foot will shape the felt for a perfect fit. This may take some getting used to. But before you know it, your Slovz will feel like a second skin. Show your own style! If you wear Slovz inside, they are just like comfy slippers. For outside, you can take Slovz with galoshes (rubber shoes) or rubber soles to be protected from getting wet and slipping on snow and ice.

Oke, so what is our opinion about Slovz?Like we said before; we like the concept and the advertisingcampaign images inspired on the Russian propaganda, the whole history and the fact that they warm up your feet (I think even more then Ugg’s). So what makes us doubt about is then? It’s the look of the shoe. We know Ugg’s are not flatterous at all, but this shoe looks like the jackboots of our fathers. They don’t look like something fashionable and that is our only, but yet very important point, of critic. But maybe we have to see them more so we can get use to them, just like everybody did with the Ugg’s.

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