Supporting our local designers: Bibi van der Velden @ de Bijenkorf

Bibi van der Velden @ de Bijenkorf

The jewels of jewelry designer Bibi van der Velden are usually ingeniously put together works of art, consisting of precious and rare materials like ancient jewelry or even pieces of 40.000 year old mammoth tooth. To serve a larger group of consumers she launched an accessible line made of sterling silver, semi-precious stones and pearls.

Also part of this line is the  sign language collection, where small silver hands portray the letters of the alphabet. The accessible prêt-a-porter line is available at Dutch department store ‘de Bijenkorf’ since the beginning of this month.

Part of the earnings will go to a charity foundation of deaf and hearing impaired children.

Bibi’s designs are already gaining popularity abroad. Her mammoth collection is available at Dover Street Market in London. She’s the only Dutch designer to sell her products in the exclusive conceptstore.

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