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M.A.C. X Designers Against Aids

The Education center: under construction

Cosmetics brand M.A.C. is very devoted to the Aids fund. Not only with their own M.A.C. Aids fund and the Viva Glam products, but also by volunteering on diverse international projects on  World Aids Day.

Last tuesday, on World Aids Day, we travelled down to Deurne (Antwerp), to take a look at a new project from Designers Against Aids, where a local M.A.C. volunteer team participated on. This project is the first International HIV/AIDS Education Centre in Antwerp that is set to open in June 2010 at the same time as Antwerp Pride. The main cause of the center is to educate young students on how DAA works as an organization and spreads its message through creativity and the use of pop culture, with the ultimate goal to stimulate these students to utilize this approach in their own countries.

The M.A.C. volunteer team at work

The initiative of the International Education centre comes from Ninette Murk, who is the founder and spokesperson of DAA, and the initiator of the well-knwon DAA t-shirts for H&M. Other projects are also on her to-do list coming February, like a big party on February 12th, followed by an exposition of fashion labels in a garage on Valentine’s day. Later that month M.A.C.. will also reveal their new Viva Glam model.

Interviewing Ninette Murk from DAA

A new campaign has also been developed by Belgian cartoonist Cordelia. First it is launched in Antwerp, and later on a viral campaign will be spread online.

The new campaign by Belgian cartoonist Cordelia

At the same time, on December 1st, a big online fundraising was started by Tokio Hotel through selling a set of buttons, and a competition to win tickets for their concert, a meet & greet with the band, and signed t-shirts. According to Ninette, Tokio Hotel are a very good rolemodel to inspire just that group of young people that neglect the importance of safe sex.

We are very proud to show you that supporting important causes, comes along with great creativity.

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