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Kids make funny quotes…

Kids say the most funny things! I love their foolish and straight to the point attitude. They say what they think without wondering if it is a bad thing to say. Very honest and most of the time very funny. Like for example the little nephew of Garance Dore.

She tweeted:

´My nephew to my sis: mama, why do you write on your face everyday? S:that’s make up! N:no, that’s WRITING! And you always look worse after!´

Kids say things like that all the time. The 5 year old daughter of my ex-boss went with us to a fashionshow. After 2 minutes she said: those are not real people, right mommy? She was speaking about the models. ‘Ehm, yes they are real people. Why do you think they’re not?’ ‘Well, in her eyes the models do not have any  facial expressions. The girls on the runway looked like robots to her…

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