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For true Fashion Addicts: Habillées

Mademoiselle Agnès intervewing young talent Maxime Simoens

If your idea of staying in for the weekend (we are because it’s snowing and freezing outside!), is watching fashion-related DVD’s, reading magazines and books about fashion and strolling around YouTube looking for ‘fashionable vids’, then welcome to the club.

Your favourite filmmaker of the moment is probably Loïc Prigent, right? Also known for the documentaries Marc jacobs for Louis Vuitton, Signé Chanel and The Day Before.

He teamed up with the very charming and sharp-tongued Mademoiselle Agnès, chroniceuse for the French Vogue and French TV Channel Canal+.

They both rebel for a cause: Who’s Paris’ Next Generation? Where in London and New York new talents keep emerging, the French are still very hooked on their established designers and labels. So where are the talanted youngsters? Hidden under the rugs? Loïc and Mademoiselle Agnès are on a quest!

Be sure to watch these very entertaining documentaries ‘Habillées’ that are now available on the Sundance Channel, and don’t be distracted by the heavy French accent of Loïc Prigent’s voice-overs. It’s kind of enchanting actually…

Here’s a trailer to give you a taste of what you can expect:

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