Fashion people have weird X-mas requests…

Fashionpeople X-mas requests. Pics from LOVE magazine

LOVE magazine has asked some fashion people their X-mas requests. The answers are quite surprising…Did you ever hear somebody say: ”All I want for Christmas is an angora rabbit.”??? Well, that’s what the designers of Proenza Shouler requested.

Hope they will not harm the rabbit, but just want to cuddle it and don’t pluck his angora hairs, but use the hairs the rabbit leaves behind while jumping around freely…

Missy Rayder also has a weird request: an invisible horse. OMG, was she ON something???

Luckily some people have it all together and had ‘normal’ requests like Editor-in-Chief of Arena Homme Plus, Jo-Ann Furniss. Jo-Ann wants “A house in Mayfair. With a kitten. Maybe some liposuction as well…”

Allegra Versace keeps it simple. Just some antique jewelry. No christmas without some good ‘bling’, right?

Or designer Gareth Pugh, from whom you would expect a strange request since his designs are very ‘avantgarde’. But nope, he just settles with a Paul Smith bathrobe and Crème de la Mer!

For the full list of X-mas requests: LOVE magazine blog

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