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Your house in Burberry-style?

A Norwegian house in Burberry tartan

If you want the exterior of your house to look different than the other houses on your block, there’s always a possibility to paint it in the pattern of your favorite designer-brand.

A 33-year old Norwegian artist, Jens Werner,  painted the exterior of his house in Burberry’s distinctive tartan, known as the Haymarket check, or even the Burberry classic check.

I costed him thousands of pounds to re-do the former lavatory buidling in Larvik, Norway, but the result is quite remarkable… don’t you think?

(Source: The Daily Telegraph UK)

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  1. Brad november 24, 2009

    Wow, this is remarkable. I wonder how long it took him to finish the project? I bet his house definitely stands out from the rest on the block!

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