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Would you try a Coupe du Pin?

Jak en Jil Pin
Pin-up! Image: Jak&

Victoria Koblenko, a Dutch actress, always looks very, well ehm, extraordinary. Especially her hair is something a lot of people talk about. We spotted her during the Glammy Awards a few months ago with a kind of weird gladiator coupe; blond short hair with more then hundred small, black pins in it. Everybody was in shock…who was that extreme diligent hairdresser of hers?!

But today we spotted an other girl on the Jak&Jil blog with almost the same coupe du pin! Now we suddenly like it! The best part is that everybody can do it, no matter how your hair looks like. Super long or extra short? No problem! And you can make it as extraordinary as you wish. Personally I prefer the Jak&Jil-girl version. A little less freaky!

Victoria Kobleko at Glammy Awards
Victoria Kobleko at Glammy Awards


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