What's up with all those legwarmers?

What's up with the legwarmers?

Last night we ended up at the Burger King (shame on  us, but after an Absolut Vodka party with nothing else to drink than vodka, we desperately needed a burger) and there we spotted a girl with legwarmers.

‘What’s up with the legwarmers?’, Digitalista K. said to Digitalista M.

‘Why?’, Digitalista M. asked.

‘Well, because I see those ugly things suddenly everywhere on the street!’. Ohnoo!!! Are legwarmers a new trend, AGAIN?! We don’t hope so!

Back in the early days (somewhere in the beginning of another decennium…) everybody on the street wore those stupid FOOTLESS big socks. With trousers in it or under a short skirt with high heels underneath. We looked so stupid, but nobody realized that. Untill the trend was over. Only people who didn’t understand that, still wore those ugly socks and everybody thought: OMG, did we really looked like THAT? Yes, we did! Only if you are a ballerina or working out in the gym you can wear them. Not on the street anymore.

And now we spotted the trend again. Not that big as it used to be, fortunately….Why, people, why?!

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