Vanessa Paradis wears Triwa Watch


Vanessa Paradis for the French Elle

Vanessa Paradis goes techno girl for the French Elle, and she’s wearing Triwa watches! A good choice from the stylist because the juicy-coloured watches make a nice match with Vanessa’s comfy and sporty look. If you weren’t familiar with the Swedish watches yet, they have such broad colour and design-range, that they can match about any style.

But watching the picture of Vanessa and the Elle cover of this same issue, we also wonder how Vanessa manages to look so ‘petite’ after two kids…Is it some kind of genetic French thing? (K. is keeping her fingers crossed, she still has no kids but hopes to look like this too after having them!)

If some personal trainer can keep our bodies toned like this, don’t hesitate to send us a mail. We’ll pay you in goodiebags if that’s okay?

Vanessa's French Elle cover



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    • Hi Michael, unfortunately we don´t have the French September Issue. Have you contacted the French Elle? Sometimes they can send you older issues, especially if you explain to them that it’s for a B-day gift. Good luck!

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