Supporting our local brands: Kuyichi

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Kuyichi Pure Denim

Apparently ‘us Dutchies’ are very good with denim. We have several denim brands gone big and international, such as G-Star and Blue Blood (the last one recently made a re-start). But we also have Denham, Diesel-designer Wilbert Das is Dutch, and we have Kuyichi. And the nice thing about Kuyichi is the organic character of the brand.

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Sustainable denim

Kuyichi was the first organic jeans brand since its launch in 2001, and still strives for sustainable ways of creating high quality products. Besides their Pure Denim line, where it all started, they introduced Pure Plus; a denim line for girls.

The jeanslabel is still growing, and has expanded with a Pure Premium line. Even abroad stores are about to open, like one in the Parisian Marais…To be continued!

Kuyichi: Style Concious
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