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Rock the bottle: Absolut Vodka


The Digitalistas loves cocktails. So we were very happy, when we’ve got invited for an Absolut Vodka party last Thursday. All three of us plus some friends were present!

Absolut Vodka organized a very nice party somewhere in the middle of nowhere (Amsterdam-North, of all places…). It was a long trip to this party, we were very cold, we didn’t like the trip with the ferry and we gasped for a limosine. But when we arrived it was so much fun, because there was a cocktail bar where we could choose between three different cocktails, drink all night long. It was heaven for most of us. (PLEASE NOTE: For all readers under 16, don’t take us as an good example, because we’re all way above the legal drinking age)

The bottle
This year Absolut Vodka comes up with a limited edition bottle in honor of Rock ‘n Roll. And especially this year the vodka brand collaborated with Dutch rockband MeloManics.┬áThe packaging of this bottle is made of faux leather, decorated with studs.┬áLast year there was the Masquerade bottle, the year before the Disco bottle and in 2006 there was the Bling Bling bottle. In that year they also collaborated with Lenny Kravitz for the Absolut Kravitz bottle.


While Digitalista K. and Digitalista M. filled themselves with vodka cocktails, Digitalista E. drank a simple Coco Cola. Just because she can’t handle alcohol that much, so it was a fun night with a fun ending (read: no hangover for this girl!). But the end of the evening wasnt that much fun at all. We missed the ferry and Digitalista E. got cranky while Digitalista K. and Digitalista M. were having the time of their lives (read: they were tipsy!). Note: please don’t try this at home…

The Digitalistas with muse E. and friends M. and M.

This is the first time the vodka brand collaborated with a Dutch band. So for all the rock chicks: try Absolut Rock!

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