H&M X Jimmy Choo: Silence before the storm

They are teasing us at the tram/bus-stop

There have already been a lot of previews of the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection hitting the stores coming saturday, but curious as we are, we always want to see things for real. So up we went to the H&M showroom to take a look at the collection before the predicted ‘haze of craziness’ is about to burst. It’s a whole different thing to see the clothes on the rack than in a magazine or on the web. At least 15 minutes of an up close and personal ‘entre nous’ with the collection was required.

Because we want to know for sure WHAT we are going to have a sleepless night for. Is the grey off-the-shoulder suede dress worth camping outside the H&M store? Do we want to get caught in a catfight for the black shoulderbag or leopardprint clutch? Are we gonna glue ourselves to the computer to purchase the black studded gladiators and studded leather bracelet? YES WE DO!

We want it all!

The rockalicious collection is not only totally our style, but the quality of the collection is also undeniable. The suede fabric of the dress is peachy soft, the shoes are well made, and the bags feel heavy (like a designerbag is supposed to). So see ya this saturday! Note: First in line, pink sleeping bag.


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