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Happy holidays with H&M

Love it!

Only a few months left and then it’s Christmas! For us the most wonderful time of the year: turkeys (aaah, poor turkeys!), Christmas trees, champaign, Christmas crackers and all those lovely Christmas songs. We love ‘Santa Baby’ from Kylie Minogue. And now we have something else to look forward to: the H&M X-mas collection.

OMG, we wish it already was Christmas, because H&M comes up with a line of beautiful and wonderful items for the Holidays. We see decorations for the tree in a sexy jungle print, Christmas socks, tea and guests towels, table cloths and a lovely ‘dress’ for your X-mas tree. Merry merry merry Christmas!

Decorate for ChristmasDecorate for Christmas

Available at the webshop of H&M.

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