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Dutch designer Iris van Herpen @ 'Harrod's Launches'

Iris van HerpenLFW2
Iris van Herpen design @ London Fashion Week © The Digitalistas

This is news us Dutchies can be proud of! The talented Dutch designer Iris van Herpen is one of the talents spotted by ‘Harrod’s launches‘. The online platform to spotlight talented unknown designers.

Fashion and Beauty Director of Harrod’s Marigay McKee likes to spot the new talents at London Fashion Week. She ‘s very thrilled with this initiative, because the high maintenance Harrod’s clients more than ever want unique pieces. We can imagine it can be annoying to see someone else wearing the same dress at a party…especially if you can afford the ‘most limited of editions’ of every brand you would like to wear.

At least Iris makes garments that are complicated and unique, an assurance that there will not be two of the same. See some of the pics we made @ London Fashion Week.

Iris van HerpenLFW1Iris van HerpenLFW3Iris van HerpenLFW4

(Source: uk)

Pics: © The Digitalistas

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