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Catch of the day: Guerlain Imperiale lipsticks and glosses

Guerlain Imperiale Holiday Lipsticks and Glosses

What I love most about luxury make-up is beautiful packaging. It gives you the idea of giving yourself a precious gift. Especially in the case of Guerlain, the packaging always looks stunning.For the holidays Guerlain has launched the Imperiale collection. ‘Inspired by the opulence and splendor of aristocracy’. Wow! that sounds tres chique! Model Natalia Vodionova is the face of this ‘opulent’ Holiday Collection.

Natalia Vodionova for Guerlain

Our favorites are the lipsticks and lipglosses. For the occasion they have inroduced two new shades of the Rouge G, and embellished the luxurious metal cases of the lipsticks with black jewels.

The lipglosses come in three ‘pinkish’ colors: Perle de Lune Kisskiss gloss is the most translucent, and then there is Ambre Precieuse (brownish pink) and Rubi Rose (hangs towards a purple shade).

Be sure to check your local Sephora store or luxury warehouses!

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