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Art meets fashion: Frankehollywood & Joseph Klibansky


Art and fashion have a close relationship with each other. Meet Frankehollywood and Joseph Klibansky . Two young Dutch artists with a cool pop-art and funky, modern signature. If I had a wallet full of money I would definitely buy all of their work because I like this style pretty much!

A year ago I sat with some friends at the Chocolate Bar in Amsterdam and I was talking about my book. I just closed the deal with my publisher and me and my friends were thinking about some cool book titles and names for my characters. Suddenly I saw some amazing art hanging on the wall of the bar. It was a drawing of a woman in  black and white with some neon pink and yellow accents. Very sixties but yet very modern. I asked my friends: What about using that painting for the cover of my book? Back home, I googled the paintings but I couldn’t find the artist…Until yesterday.

A friend invited me for an exposition in club Lola’s from an artist-friend of hers. It was the same guy who made the beautiful art I wanted to put on the cover of my book. It was so much fun finally seeing the guy behind the paintings! Frankehollywood’s real name is Frank ‘t Hoen. The centre key of his portraits lies with women, who he paints in his own unique style. In an interview he once said: ´I think women are beautiful, women are therefore the main object in my paintings. Women have something magical, pure and fragile, whereas they can be very powerful at the same time.’ Of course we totally agree with that!

Frank reminded me of an other young Dutch artist: Joseph Klibansky. I saw his work for the first time during a presentation at the World Fashion Center (WFC). He made a mixed-media art piece to spice up the old dusty image of the WFC. The image of the WFC is still that dusty, but the artist can count me in as a new fan! His key signature is can be described as digital mixed media art pieces.


  1. Pollino september 20, 2011

    Pouvez vous svp me donner le prix de la toile frankehollywood avec le visage et les lunettes, les dimensions et s il existe avec d actress couleurs . Cordialement.

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