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94 wines

Blame it on my French roots, but I have a soft spot for good wine. For instance, I enjoyed a very delicate Valpolicella the other night. (wine experts know this is a good wine). And now there is a new wine concept that caught our attention: 94wines.com. Both bottles and wines are unique. You can even have a personal message written on your bottle.

The wines are not packaged in a traditional bottle-with-label. No, they come with numbers and in different colors, and it’s easy to find out which wine fits you the best. You can take the WineID test on the site, or through your I-phone. That way you can tell your friends what your favorite wine is, so they don’t ever bring a bottle you don’t like anymore!

But even more interesting for the fashionistas: you can match the color of your outfit with the bottle! Yeeeeeey!

All wines are carefully selected and from French origin. Each number stands for a specific sort of grape the wine is made of. Even the price is very reasonable: from €5,99 to €9,99.

For everyone that’s interested in my WineID; I took the test and these three came out: 1 Crispy, 23 Bold and 52 Rich. So, I am crispy, bold and rich! Haha! (Don’t take the last one to seriously though…;-))

My WineID
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