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Match your nails with your e-mails

O.P.I X DELL laptops
O.P.I. X DELL laptops

….That’s the pay-off for a new line of Dell laptops in collaboration with O.P.I. , a known brand in nailpolishes. Another proof that technologie companies are still looking to seduce female consumers.

Not sure if this will result in a laptop-sale rise for Dell, because as a female consumer I am rather interested in having a laptop that blends with my interior, than one that matches my nailpolish…

Dell’s Mini, Inspiron and Studio laptops will  be made available with 26 shades of O.P.I. nailpolish with the most curious names such as: Princesses Rule, Strawberry Margarita, I’m Not Really a Waitress, Kyoto Pearl, Holiday Glow and Up front and Personal.

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