Afro-licious Louis Vuitton

Afro-licious Louis Vuitton S/S '010
Afro-licious Louis Vuitton S/S '010
...colourful racoon-tails and cute dresses
...colourful racoon-tails and cute dresses

I am always curious what Marc Jacobs is going to come up with for the Louis Vuitton show. After last seasons bunny ears, this time it’s all about massive afro-wigs and again…clogs! But different and funny, with hairy details, straps or a small metal heel.

The clothes were less luxury Vuitton like we’re used to, but had more of a fresh , sporty and urban look. Jacobs describes it as: ”80s and ’90s New Age traveller and street clothes, embracing the hippie-cyber, tribal-punk world.” Definitely a mash up of styles and a little Indian/Native American touch to it, with moccassins and Davy Crockett-like coloured racoon tails hanging down the bags.

LV S/S '010 details
LV S/S '010 details

Another inspiration might have come from fellow-designers in the likes of Gaultier and Galliano with the corset-stripe shortsuit and army detailling. Jacobs also re-introduced the ‘cycling’ short. One of the most hideous fashion items of the nineties in my opinion.

Nevertheless, if you leave out the cycling shorts, you see the cutest dresses appear. Worn with one of the glittery anoraks and a pair of nice heels they turn out to be a good look for next season.

The choice of models was also surprising: Our own Dutch Patricia van der Vliet that closed the Balenciaga show, opened the Louis Vuitton show and other Dutch talents like Mirte Maas and Nimuë Smit also ran down the LV catwalk.

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