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The Digitalistas off to LONDON

London here we come!
London here we come!

We booked a ticket! Just like that. Why would we say NO to three euro tickets?!? LONDON FASHION WEEK, HERE WE COME!!!

Yes, we Digitalistas are invited for some nice fashion shows and fashion party’s during the London Fashion Week. And of course we said YES to all. We’re going to write reports for,, and

Just a little things we’re also going to do: Notting Hill, Starbucks, Spitalfields, Starbucks, National Portrait Gallery, Starbucks, Tate Modern, Starbucks, Bricke Lane, Starbucks, feeding squirrels at Hyde Park, Starbucks, eating at Dim T, Starbucks, Twiggy exposition, Starbucks, Primark, Starbucks, Topshop, Starbucks…

Of course you can read all about it at, but only when we’re back. We need to relax a little bit, but don’t worry: you will see us next week again.

See you in London!


The Digitalistas


  1. anna september 24, 2009

    where did you guys book 3 euro tickets??

    • digitalistas september 28, 2009

      Ryan Air! But they are stupid! We only had to take 15 kilo’s with us. We thought 20! So that was a bummer at the check in….. and they weren’t nice to us, so KLM next time!!!

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