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Chifff: Online shopping makes the world go round…


… or may cause your bank account go down the drain… After my rather unusual experiences with my ‘feet person’ and grabbing hairdresser it’s about time that I tell something about my shopping habits. The Digitalistas still is a site about fashion and lifestyle. So is shopping.

Don’t get me wrong, I love real life shopping. Wandering around the streets, looking for the cutest little, never before discovered shops or visiting the ones I always find the best bargains or nicest outfits. Or in best case scenario: a combination of those two. But, while living a pretty busy life working my ass off and dividing my spare time between my lover, family & friends, I find me little time to go on this great shopping spree. The solution is luckily just around the corner; online shopping spree!

My job has all to do with online duties, so that’s my first advantage. During work I can very easily take a trip down online high street, none of my colleagues will notice because I’m always researching on the World Wide Web. Another great benefit of online shopping: the free trips to London, Madrid, Paris, New York. I don’t have to pay a dime on plane tickets and even so I’m able to visit favorite stores like TopShop and Urban Outfitters (in the Netherlands they sadly haven’t opened up their stores, YET, I’m still hopeful after the opening of Primark, New Look and even a handful of Starbucks).

I haven’t even mentioned the fact that you reduce the change of bumping into a dozen of chicks wearing the exact same outfit. That’s something I’m really allergic to, and, let’s be honest: it feels really good when someone asks you where you’d get that lovely dress and you can answer ‘oh well, in Milan/Hong Kong /New York or was it Paris?’. So once again: three hurray’s for online shopping!

After this homage I’ll just have to warn you about one thing… A top/pair of shoes/bag can be extremely smashing or one of a kindish, but don’t provide just any site your credit card data. I just got off the phone with the security service of my bank and some nasty son of a b*tch used my credit card for online gambling. 1600 hard-earned euro’s, gone in a whistle, without me having a clue! I’m so thankful for my bank having such a great service; they’ve ensured me I’ll get back all my money. But, before spending it all again in my favourite online shops… I’ll be sure to double check all the references of those shops; no one is going to take my credit card data for illegal purposes again!

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