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Chifff: Feeling blue therapy


I don’t know what the case with you guys is, but for me it’s quite obvious. Shopping is a feel-good activity. Some people (a whole lot if you ask me, sometimes I feel surrounded by this category) only buy things they desperately need, like breakfast-lunch-dinner groceries, matches to light the stove, new toilet paper when they ran out and so on. But hey, do these people know it’s really fun, soothing and enjoyable to shop? Not just for the necessary groceries and such, but for just about anything?

Whenever I’m sad, feeling blue or just having a bad day, there’s one easy peasy solution. Just let me out and play, preferably in an area with some shops. Shops with new stock for my wardrobe/shoe collection are on top of my list, but a book, drug or music store will do as well. Okay, when I’m completely honest: a pair of brand new, shiny shoes is more fun, soothing and enjoyable than a new bottle of shampoo. But overall, when I’m actually not on top of my game, shopping makes my heart tick again.

You can act all serious about it and tell me that it’s not such a healthy habit. But I think it is. Maybe I should go and set up some kind of group therapy/counselling. ‘Do you feel kind a depressed, not very happy the peppy? Go on a shopping spree and your sorrows will vanish into thin air!’. Throw out the antidepressants, put on your most comfy outfit and shoes, grab your biggest shopping bag, toss in your wallet (don’t forget the loveliest card of them all: the C.R.E.D.I.T.C.A.R.D.) and go for it

I’ll have to put a reminder in my Blackberry: go and find some wealthy sponsors for this therapy… At the moment I’m doing A-okay, but with autumn coming up I think the first feeling-blue-day is just around the corner!

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