Back from London Fashion Week!

Grazia/Jimmy Choo/Elton John Aidsfoundation bag
Grazia/Jimmy Choo/Elton John Aidsfoundation bag

The Digitalistas are back from London Fashion Week! And what a blast it was! Four girls sharing a hotelroom, it felt like a-week-long sleepover… haha! Now you’re probably wondering who the fourth girl was, well, that’s Evelien, model, stylist and the new Digitalistas muse.

We are still exhausted from our London trip (crashed a lot of parties), so we will be back at you with our London adventures and pics as soon as we’re all alive again.

So, keep checkin the site! To warm you up, here’s a picture of the Grazia/Jimmy Choo/Elton John Aids Foundation bag we received outside the Burberry show. A very nice London souvenir!

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