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-We will be flirting with our dark side coming season. Gothic? Bondage? Vampirella?? We’re just gonna start with Dominic Jones’ ‘thorne necklace’. Alice Dellal and Lizzy Jagger already have it! (Shopgirl)

-Don’t you all love cookies? Especially the sweet and colourful macarons you can find in the luxury ‘patisseries’ in Paris? They’ve added another one of our passions: shoes! Now avalaible @ Laduree, Louboutin cookies…yum! (Fashionscene)

-Carine Roitfeld was one of the first we saw wearing the shoulder-padded jackets again. It gives a woman a certain power-attitude. Not that Roitfeld needs it…Neither do we, but we like it anyway! Lots of ‘powerdressing’ @ Zara these days. (Shopgirl)

-Vicky B. is not afraid of heights. Check out new Armani underwear campaign-pics where she’s climbing a ladder in her own sexy-VickyB kinda way…(Fashionscene)

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