New collection Joline Jolink

New collection of Joline Jolink
New collection of Joline Jolink

Dutch designer Joline Jolink has come up with her latest fall/wintercollection…

Inspired by strong women: women who manage to combine a career, dream, household and social life. Real women with real lives. Women with something to do. That’s the philosophy of Joline.

Joline Jolink about her fashion label:
“It is our mission to support these women with versatile clothing. Original designs that you can wear at work, in a restaurant or at a party, but just as much on a bicycle, in the supermarket or in the kitchen. Realistic fashion in which you can be yourself and that adapts to its wearer (not the other way around). Perfect for every moment of her busy life and any occasion, but always feminine, always practical and always comfortable in the most beautiful natural materials.”

New collection of Joline Jolink
New collection of Joline Jolink

More Joline Jolink? Check her website. We say: shop till you drop!

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