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Shoe by Olsenhaus
Shoe by Olsenhaus

In times like these we all have to think of mother nature and her creatures. Fashionistas have to start thinking of an eco fabulous life. It is possible. Really, it is! Check out these fashionable shoes, completely vegan…

Very 2009: shoes made without using animal products. New York label Olsenhaus (founded by former Calvin Klein and Nine west designer Elisabeth Olsen, also an outspoken advocate for veganism) designed a collection full of eco faboulous non leather shoes. Just as fashionable like leather boots, but so much better.

Prices range from £170. Also Neu Aura and Melissa’s jelly shoe collaboration with Vivienne Westwood are completely vegan. We like!

Vegan shoes!
Vegan shoes!

Check out for more vegan clothing, shoes and accessories.

(Digitalista E.)

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