SCOOP! Janice Dickinson @ Amsterdam Fashion Week

Ex-supermodel Janice Dickinson was in Amsterdam to visit the Supertrash show earlier this night. We spotted her front-row, but also backstage. It was so much fun watching her. She is like a plastic doll, well… a crazy one. We took some snapshot of miss Plastic Fantastic and we overheard her opinion about the show and the Dutch models.

RTL Boulevard did an interview with Janice and I eavesdropped every single word. She was in love with the Dutch Models, especially with Hollands Next Topmodel winner Kim Feenstra. She told the reporter that Supertrash reminds her of a Valentino show ( say what!) and her best quote: “Do you want to say that I am outdated? Fuck you! I am the youth! Maybe I am a little nostalgic, but I still look fierce!”

Yeaaah, keep up the good spirit Janice.  And of course the visits to your doctors….


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