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Fashion people with the DigitalisTAS

Susie Bubble with the DigitalisTAS

Yes, we were inseparable with our Digitastas bags during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. And of course we wanted to photograph lots and lots of fashion people with the nice little bag. And we did. The first one was no more than the famous-oh-so-great-we-really-like-her-fashionista-from-London Susie Bubble!

Susie was very nice, wanted nothing more to strike a pose for our camera. And she was very interested in our fashion blog (jippie!). Digitalista M. interviewed her, but more about that later on. Love you, Susie.

Garance Dore with the DigitalisTAS

Garance Dore also posed with THE bag. She really liked it: she cuddled it till death… She even asked for a bag. We repeat: SHE ASKED FOR A DIGITALISTAS BAG. Well, what do you have to say about that? Uhm… “YES, ofcourse Garance!” The next day we met her at restaurant De Bakkerswinkel at the Westergasarea where she was having a drink with a friend. And we gave her the next IT-bag. She was so happy with it, said she would take the bag on her trip to the Hampton’s (Garance and her boyfriend from The Sartorialist go on a holiday this week). Thank you Garance! Hope you enjoy it.

Digitalista K. interviewed her ( nice to have a Digitalista that speaks French…Digitalista M. en E. didn’t understand anything. Maybe she was only talking about the weather, who knows?). More about that later on.

Dutch stylist Bastiaan van Schaik with the DigitalisTAS
Dutch stylist Bastiaan van Schaik with the DigitalisTAS

Bastiaan van Schaik also smiled at our camera with the Digitalistas bag. Smile, Bastiaan, smile, like you’ve never smiled before. You look great! Hell yeah, it’s the bag that makes you look fabulous. You look hot.

Fashion designer Daryl van Wouw with the DigitalisTAS
Fashion designer Daryl van Wouw with the DigitalisTAS

Daryl van Wouw, strike a pose! We all fall a little bit in love when we see Daryl. When we see Daryl WITH our Digitalistas bag we wanted to hug him, squeeze him in the cheeks, kiss him, marry him…. A.S.A.P, please?!?

Yes, the DigitalisTAS is very popular and many other fashion people will strike a pose with it. It’s just like Madame Tussauds: everyone wants to go on the picture with it. Want one? Well, we don’t sell bags (we are journalists, not saleswomen, who do you think we are?) but if you mail us we can take a look at it …


The Digitalistas

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